Toné Flowers SAS, is a producer and exporter of roses created more than twelve years ago in Colombia.

Currently has 8 hectares in production with the more modern varieties of roses.
The team comprises 90 people working under a philoshophy of quality, focused on customer satisfaction.

Compliance with social and enviromental standars both nationally and internationally, and strict phytosanitary control, allow us to ensure a healthy product with outsanding features and excellent base behavior.

We continually work on improving all processes to produce perfect roses. We care about knowing the exact needs of each client and we strive in every detail to deliver a product that not meets but excedes the expectations of our customers.
We have established quality parameters beyond the normal standars that allow us to ensure unique roses.
At present we produce sturdy stems of roses with big blooms, offering unique lenghts, of up 1,50 meters.

We are proud to say that we produce the largest rose in the world market.